A Personal Tribute to Alice Pyne

Sorry to interrupt my holiday posts, but this is an important one that I want to write.

A very special 17 year old girl called Alice Pyne passed away on Saturday. Alice had suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a type of Cancer) for four years, living longer than all the doctors thought that she would. Alice started a Bucket List for her friends and family to read but she didn’t realise quite how well known it would become (461,1474 hits) . She was able to do most of the things on her list, the most impressive one was to get as many people as possible to join the Bone Marrow registry. She has inspired more than 40,000 people to join the registry already! That’s pretty good going eh. If you’re able to, please do so, you may just save a life. I wanted to join but unfortunately I can’t because of my Epilepsy which totally sucks.

Alice and her sister founded the charity Alice’s Escapes, which provides holidays for families with seriously ill children.  It’s a small, privately owned charity that relies on the support and generosity of the public to keep it going. I’ve donated directly and I’m hoping to host a fundraiser in Second Life for the charity. (It won’t happen until I have permission from the charity people first though) because the residents of Second Life are incredible generous and will offer their time and support to help a worthy cause. 

Alice had won numerous awards for her hard work and dedication, including a Pride of Britain award (Teenager of Courage award) in November 2012. She was told by David Walliams that she’d won the award whilst she was on a day out at London Zoo with her family. David pretended to be a zoo keeper! 

I didn’t know Alice personally, we had messaged on Facebook briefly but I’ve been following her blog and Facebook for a long time. She became a virtual friend who I have admired and been in awe of since I first read her blog. She will be greatly missed, by her friends, family and all the friends she’s made over the internet. 

Rest in Peace Alice. 

Alice Pyne’s Official Facebook PageAlice’s Escapes Facebook PageAlice’s Escapes website, Alice’s Bucket List Blog and Alice’s Sister, Milly’s JustGiving page



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